Hilary K. Robison, LCSW
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We live in a world where we are constantly tempted by new and seemingly necessary ways to spend our money and are encouraged, through easy credit, to live beyond our means. We easily compare ourselves to others whom we perceive as wealthier than we are. This can generate envy, which causes us to discount the various aspects of wealth (family and friends, as well as money) that we actually do possess.

Overspending can be a way to avoid difficult feelings- a kind of temporary "fix" that overrides reality but comes with a huge price tag of its own. It is easy to be in denial about the state of one's finances, and to delay in planning for one's future or for a potential catastrophe. Financial problems can cause significant distress in marriage and relationships. Money is often citied as a primary source of conflict in marriages and if not resolved, can lead to divorce (which of course creates a whole new set of money issues!)

Given the current state of the economy, finances are on many people's minds these days. "Recession anxiety" is affecting people everywhere, many not suffering economic losses, but worrying they will, or simply reacting to pervasive uncertainty. This can manifest in anxiety, panic attacks, sleeplessness, marital discord, substance abuse, etc.

Financial security is a matter of what is in your head as well as in your bank account. It is a cornerstone for achieving your goals and for being able to relax, feel comfortable, and enjoy your relationships and your life.

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